Battle of Adwa – journey ETHIOPIA

On the journey to Koremash, the queen traveled with him

The members of the Journey of Adwa also shone like this at the time of the Queen of Sheba
Let’s travel tomorrow and the long road together!
A little about Koremash
Koremash is 13 km east of Addis Ababa, 13 km east of Sheno. It is located 88 km from Addis Ababa.
The mountain of submission before it, Mango: Sunday: Bulga and to the east, the Dreit and Amarit rivers merge with the Kesem River, and Mount Irrigated Palm and the Church of Irrigation Mary; The plain fig tree to the southeast is the land of the Samaritans and Manjar.
According to local historians, the site was founded by Emperor Menelik II’s grandfather, King Sahle Selassie. Their grandson, Emperor Menelik II, used it as a military base and a treasure trove during the Shoa dynasty.
It was here that Emperor Menelik II, who had temporarily stored most of the weapons imported by the French government during his reign as Ethiopian emperor, kept most of the cannons and ammunition used during the Adwa war and kept them safe for seven years.
Many written and oral histories, as well as the buildings themselves, bear witness to the fact that two years after the victory of the Battle of Adwa, they built the great fortified fort and eleven houses on the site.

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