Musician Elias Melka (1970-2012)

Remembering Elias Melka

Elias Melka is perhaps the best performer of the 1990’s E.C who orchestrated numerous well known contemporary Ethiopian tunes that are as yet appreciated and delighted in the current music market.

Elias was conceived in 1970 E.C and brought up in Addis in a spot called Abinet. Elias developed with an enthusiasm for music since the beginning, experiencing childhood in a fervent protestant church has affected his melodic ability, Elias has worked in chapel ensembles and groups since an early age

He got his first guitar from his dad and joined a music school throughout the late spring before his twelfth grade. proceeding with his excursion in music Elias went to join Yared Music School, Addis Ababa University, to examine music studying Cello, piano and the conventional instrument kirar and graduated with unique excellence.

Zion strict music band was Elias’ first band and it was here that his ability for music began to sparkle. After this, Elias played the guitar in Medina Music Band, Zema Lastas and Afro Sound to name however only a couple.

Elias Started his music course of action vocation with his first work which is one of Mahmoud Ahmed’s works, a Gurgigna melody from the collection named “Hulum Yisma” following Teddy Afro’s collection “Abugida”, which made Elias Melka an easily recognized name.

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