Ethiopia has commenced commercial production of Covid-19

Ethiopia has commenced commercial production of Covid-19

BGI Health Ethiopia has commenced commercial production of Covid-19 PCR diagnostic testing kits for both the export market with a priority to African countries and Ethiopia’s domestic demand. The factory will also provide commercial laboratory services for a total of 3 million transit passengers at Bole International Airport and in Addis Ababa city. This will boost the testing capacity of Ethiopia and other African countries.
After the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, the manufacturing center will switch to the production of other types of nucleic acid detection reagents, such as AIDS testing kits, tuberculosis nucleic acid test kits, and other locally needed RT PCR test kit products.

President Paul Kagame

While our agriculture sector still demands intensive modernization and innovation, we have been making remarkable progress to further build upon our strengths. Pleased to have shared some key insights at the African Green Revolution Forum hosted this year by President Paul Kagame. Continued public investments with enhanced private sector participation, particularly in technology and innovation will further fuel our progress.

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