Ethiopian Meskel Demera celebration 2020

Ethiopian Meskel 2020 news

The venue of the Demera celebration was cleared this morning by the Addis Ababa Council of Religious Institutions

Members of the Council of Religious Institutions who participated in the clean-up campaign expressed their happiness that the Meskel Square project was ready in time for the Meskel Square project. Demara celebration will be celebrated with the participation of a limited number of followers in accordance with the direction set by the city administration.

Addis Ababa City Mayor’s Office and Head of Cabinet Affairs, Ephrem Gizaw, thanked those who worked hard to bring the Meskel Square project to Meskel Demera. Ephraim said during the clean-up campaign that the parishioners should be protecting themselves from Covide 19 during the Demera holiday. Demera celebration was also carried out by spraying the area with antimicrobial chemicals. Youth, cleaners, youth volunteers, and senior officials of the city administration participated in the clean-up ceremony of the Demera celebrations.

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