Ethiopian news today 2020 Sun Real Estate

Ethiopian news today 2020

Sun Real Estate Case details

1. The developer company to complete the required government fee and hand over our map and pay for the losses we did not get.
2. Install a water meter for each home.
3. To transfer knowledge as promised and translate manuals from Chinese to English and submit them to the association.
4. Switch the TV discs from analog to digital, remove the discs on the balcony, install a central dish, and provide complete equipment for the intercoms installed in your home.
5. The current situation in the country is not conducive to the safety of the residents of the compound, so he has to build and install the broken fences and two main entrances as well as many other unfinished works.
6. To solve the problem of other common properties and the last floor of the building and hand it over to the residents, demolish the illegal construction on 10 blocks and open all emergency exits.
7. To evict the illegal landlords and lease property company, which is collecting money from the tenant and is not accountable to the tenant, to vacate our premises, and to sign a new contract with the association if all its employees are willing to continue their work. This company has a legal contract with the association. Stop collecting money by threatening residents illegally, and take the proceeds to the association’s account to save money if there is any surplus.
8. The owner of the developer’s company shall immediately sell the underground parking for which he used the money and use it for illegal storage without the permission of the owners.
9. The developer has promised to install a generator that is capable of supplying energy to the residents of the compound. In the current situation, like all South Africans in apartheid, all Chinese living in the compound are using electricity directly from our generator, but Ethiopian homebuyers are not allowed to use the generator. This is a great disgrace to the homeowners living in the yard.
10. A month ago, Mr. Chan showed the management of the association a new plan that even if the current mall is allowed to be built by the developer, the plan we saw in the advertisement will be completely changed and an additional 240 apartments will be built. The association disagrees with this and decided to build the mall without changing or changing it. Let it include this.


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