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Famous Ethiopian Artists Beza story

famous Ethiopian artists Beza story

If so, it will be almost two years. But Simon’s life was the same. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. But in the real world, there is nothing wrong with that. He said he was poor. Even in this short time, he felt that his friends had gone shopping. Until he seems to have a special destiny for them. He did not move. Sometimes the force exerts a force. At the very least, a force that is taking the first step or crossing this abyss… is like a flood on the road and there is no stone to be trampled on… just like that. .. The stage is called ‘Stone Stone’. But in this day and age, no one wants to be a stepping stone. There is no one to help from the ground up. Including family. It’s time to dump her and move on.… Everyone lives for themselves. No matter what the problem is, no one can intervene unless it is for personal gain. It’s called ‘Give and Tech’.
He replied: He didn’t want to worry. He was depressed and exhausted until his mind was full. He looked at the phone. No one called. No one calls in times of need. Of course. But the conscience was not like anyone else.
They met months ago. His friend Jared was playing at home, and in the morning they ate breakfast at the Kilo Romina Hotel and had tea. Simon controls his curly hair, leans against the table, and tries to listen to his little friend Jared.
Suddenly a thin one in front of them, Medium height: She is not more than twenty-five years of age; Red Dam: She braided her short hair in front of him and pulled him back; A girl with a lot of invisible glasses and a big phone in her hand sat on the couch next to them. His eyes fell on her. She is scaly. The white supremacists say, ‘Summing Real Estate.’ She looks like she’s her own. He listened to his friend and continued to look at her. She started ringing her phone. Suddenly she straightened up and motioned for the host. “Bring me some coffee,” she said in a loud voice. Simon unwittingly began to follow her. He took off his glasses and put them on the table. Simon could see her face. Small eyes; Snout nose; Thick lips, She is a little girl. It’s beautiful, even if it’s not beautiful. Simon’s whole situation was new to him. She’s nervous, but she’s not looking for a man like other women. Because they are similar in stature and stature to his friend Jared, women often turn their eyes on them if they are around them. They are both tall and full-bodied. Women get a ‘check out’. But this did not take them seriously. She is holding the coffee in one hand and writing something on her phone with the other. Simeon continued to watch her talk in front of him. The friend still did not stop talking. He just talks about something. He thought, “He’s not tired. He’s just a gossip.” Simon saw his speed only as his mouth moved.
Suddenly her phone rang. She picked it up. “Hello Mary, where are you?” Suddenly a fat girl came out of the front door. She was walking in a pair of trousers and a pair of high-heeled boots. “You’re fine,” she shouted as she hugged the thin boy. She smiled thinly. Nice little teeth. When she laughs, she looks even worse. “It’s her fault,” Simon said without thinking. “Oh?” Jared’s friend looked at him nervously. “I’m going crazy. You’ve lost your temper,” said Bashmur, looking at the women. For the first time, Simon, who was in a hurry, was embarrassed. “I’m listening to you, please,” he said, rubbing his hair. Jared could not control his laughter. The woman’s thing has always been a matter of minutes for him and his friends, including Simon. But Simon’s quarrel was not good. “Tell me?” He said, staring at his friend. “Okay, thin,” said Simon, terrified. Jared turned to look at her. A woman of thin, delicate beauty; He got up from his seat. “Get up,” he said in the form of an order. “What are you going to do?” Simon said in shock. “Let’s change seats,” Jared left and went to the women. He pulled a chair and sat down next to them, but Simon was stunned.

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