Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen News

Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen News

The Deputy Prime Minister, Demeke Mekonnen, along with the Minister of Health, Dr. Leah Tadesse, and other members of the COVID 19 National Committee visited Addis Ababa COVID 19 Field Hospital, which is preparing treatment for patients with colic in the Bole Bulbula area of ​​Bole sub-city.

The Addis Ababa COVID 19 Field Hospital was developed by the Ministry of Health with the support of the World Food Program. The Ministry of Health, St. Peter’s Specialized Hospital, and the World Health Organization are making the necessary manpower and other preparations to start the hospital. According to Dr. Tamiru Asfa, General Manager of St. Peter’s Specialized Hospital, preparations are underway to start the hospital on Saturday. When the hospital is fully operational, it will have 200 beds.

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