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Ministry of Education.

Following the announcement by the Ministry of Education that the registration for the 2013 school year begins on August 20, parents are complaining about student enrollment and tuition fees. Following this, State Minister of  Ministry of Education, Huriya Ali, urged schools that are violating the Ministry of Education’s school registration fee following the COVID -19 pandemic, to refrain from doing so and to return the money they collected out of the guide to parents. The state minister added that no increase in fees would be possible for the 2013 school year registration.

It is also stated that the schools will not be able to change the payment method they used to when registering and should continue with the previous payment system. In addition, it is said that it is not possible for schools to charge extra tuition fees and any other payments except regular and registration payment. Regarding the start date of next year’s school, the state minister said no school can start school until the Ministry of Education announces.

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