Addis Ababa science and technology university news Animal Ambulance

Addis Ababa Science and technology university news Animal Ambulance


Addis Ababa University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture (CVMA) as of late began working the principal sort of creature emergency vehicle administration in Ethiopia.

The principle target to start the administration is to improve legitimate usage of creature assets in the nation through reliable consideration of animals, said Ass/Prof. Hika Waktole, the dignitary of CVMA.

“Despite the fact that our creature asset is on the fifth stage all around the world and first in Africa, the nation couldn’t get the prize from this asset because of our helpless creature dealing with and low veterinary administrations,” the dignitary included.

As indicated by Ass/Prof. Hika, CVMA’s initial this administration with one emergency vehicle is simply to be a good example for other people, yet it needs to add more well-equipped ambulances to arrive at the need of the network on the loose.

AAU’s CVMA has a tentative arrangement to include a lorry the emergency vehicle in order to help driving creatures from their zones and care in the school’s clinical center, Ass/Prof. Hika Waktole, the senior member of the school, at last expressed.

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