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Geez language to be taught in Tigray

Tigray Language Academy and Education Bureau announced that preparations are underway to provide Geez language in the regular education program. According to Dr. Daniel Teklu, Director General of the Tigray Language Academy, there are thousands of ancient manuscripts in Geez. “It is necessary to teach the language to encourage the new generation to understand the culture, language, history, and identity of the country by reading articles,” he said.
He said preparations are underway to provide education in schools in the state in 2013.

He said the regional education bureau is working to make Geez the fourth language after Tigrigna, Kunam, and Saho.
He said a proclamation has been approved by the regional council to start the teaching and learning process.
Tigray State Education Bureau Deputy Head, Bahta Woldemichael, on his part said preparations are underway to launch Geez language education in more than 2,000 primary schools in the state.

He said he plans to start school in six months. Hadush Atakulti, a resident of Hawelt sub-city of Mekelle and a Tigrigna language teacher at the Peace Academy, said it is appropriate that the Geez language be taxed in the formal education system.
He said the presentation of the course has made it easier to read and understand ancient and historical books written in Geez language in every church and monastery. He said the contribution of tourism development to Ethiopia is significant. “It will enable the new generation to better understand and preserve the country’s culture and language instead of being corrupted by foreign languages ​​and cultures,”

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